jm-Associates are specialists in providing technical solutions for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry. With over 40 years experience, jm- Associates has developed the expertise necessary in enabling clothing companies to be at the cutting edge of Quality Orientated Management.

Whether you require Consultancy, Knowledge Enhancement or the delivery of a full Bespoke Training Course, jm-Associates Systems have the expertise and proven capabilities for its delivery.

This site presents summary information of jm-Associates capabilities. Should you require any further information then please Contact Us.




John McLoughlin CText FTI, FCQI CQP, FHEA, M.Phil. B.Sc, is founder and managing director of jm-Associates. He has 37 years of experience in the clothing and textile industry both as a senior engineer and production manager. He has taught at the University of UMIST for 4 years and was project manager on a number of […]

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It has long been recognised that there are three main factors that crucial to a Companies success. Improving quality, increasing production levels whilst keeping costs to a minimum. It is recognition of these factors that enable jm-Associates to provide solutions both with its software development and its technical expertise. jm-Associates have a wide variety of […]

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SenCat is a Sewing engineering and Clothing Applications Training program that has been designed to be user friendly, enabling the user to access information quickly at the click of a button. The software is intended, both, for people in educational institutions who require underpinning knowledge on various aspects related to the make up of apparel and for […]

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Sewing Lectures


Designed to expand knowledge and understanding of clothing and associated related topics. These include: Introduction to clothing machine technology (CMT), Sewing machine design, Fabric feed systems, Machine drives, Sewing needles, Stitch formations and applications, Common stitch types, Trouble shooting on the factory floor, Preventative maintenance strategy, Machine guides and attachments, Seam types, Sewing automation, Seam […]

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Problem Solving and Diagnostics


Practical based knowledge enhancement programmes, designed to provide professionals with experience in problem solving and diagnostic skills.

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